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Of our customers
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FANOLA is a brand of hairdressing products (made in Italy) created and directed by professionals in the cosmetic sector, and is designed to meet the needs of the professional hairdresser and all people who increasingly like to use professional hairdressing products for the care of your hair.

FANOLA is constantly researching new trends and new components for hair care and this has led to the creation of complete lines of hair care and protection products.

FANOLA is one of the brands of Italian hairdressing products that is growing the most in our sector this last year and they offer a great variety of products of very good quality at a really irresistible price. You can find FANOLA a wide variety of shampoos, masks, conditioners for all types of hair.

We also have the brand of hairdressing products FANOLA treatments for hair problems such as falling, dandruff or excessive fat. Also finishing products and everything you need to be up to date in beauty.

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